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Jeff's Cool Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (sold!!!)

New Arrival!!! 2008 Ford F450 King Ranch 4X4

Shelby GT500 Convertible

1985 M1009 4X4 Diesel

1970 Kaiser Jeep M818 6X6 5 ton semi tractor

1964 Amphicar - YES IT SWIMS!

Sea Ray 390 Express 

Sea Ray 390 Express Factory Model  

Kawasaki Ultra 250X Jet Ski now replaced by Ultra 300X!!!

1955 Lyman Home Page

Wildlife Around My Home 

Crazy Things I Have Seen While Driving

Photo Album Page

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Steve's Home Page

Welcome to Steve's web site.  This is my first and likely only attempt at publishing a web site.  I hope all is working okay and you find the information and pictures enjoyable.

As an introduction, I feel as though I have the best life anyone can have.  My parents are alive and healthy - they are the best parents in the world, by the way; my only sibling Sue is alive and healthy (with two great kids of her own... Mary and The "Tim Meister"); I have undoubtedly the best children in the world, Jeff and Amy; a fantastic career at a great company; I have found the love of my life and she's cute and fun, too; wonderful friends; challenging hobbies; great neighbors, and best of all, we live in America!  God Bless our Troops!  And God Bless America!

Please enjoy surfing around my web site and learning about my life.  I love humor and hopefully you will notice humor throughout my web site.  There is nothing like a good laugh as long it is done without harm.  I attempt to live by the golden rule... "those with the gold make the rules"... okay, not that one... "treat people the way you desire to be treated".... that one.  Pardon the language in this quote, but I always found this to be funny. (Note: you may have to play the quote twice, as there seems always to be a gap in the audio the first time it is played.  Second time works fine.  Go figure!?)

I suggest you start by clicking on the Interests page found in the column to the left.  The Interests page has links to pictures that the main web pages do not.  Then, simply follow the user friendly URL's on the Interest page to navigate to unique  pictures.  My web site is easily to navigate by the links on the left of every page.  Each page has the same links on the left-hand column, and easy map through this maze of cyber excitement!

Please have your sound turned on and cranked-up, as all of the pages have imbedded songs making my web site a true multi-sensory experience.  I constantly amaze myself... a legend in my own mind!

As a note, I do not have a separate web page for my family or all my toys.  I like to keep my family away from paparazzi, and I have too many toys, too little time.  There are a few pictures of my loved ones throughout and I did cover most of the unique toys either through a pictures on the Interests page or a special web page of its own.  Most cool stuff deserves its own web page.

Should you desire further information or discussion, please feel free to contact me and I will attempt to post additional information. You are welcome to contact me at: reallybigboat@cebridge.net 

Thank you for viewing my web site

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