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1955 Lyman 15' Open Fisherman

Okay, how many wooden boats do you see these days?  Not too many, unless you attend a wooden boat show, or are a member of ACBS, the best antique boat organization out there!

Hey, check mine out....

1955 Lyman 15' Open Fisherman, built in Sandusky, Ohio.  Lymans are of lapstrake design to handle the choppy water of the Great Lakes.  This boat was sold new at Pymatuning Boat Company, Pymatuning, Pennsylvania.

This exact boat was built March (?? need to look-up the exact day), 1955, but was titled when sold by the dealer as a 1956.  'not uncommon if it had been sitting at the dealer for a while before selling.  I have a copy of the original log that shows the production date of my serial number and what dealer the factory shipped the boat to.

This Lyman required over one year to restore, working weekends and many evenings, all the while covering my garage in sawdust.  Many more stories about this charming boat of yesteryear later, but let's get to the pictures...


If you desire to buy your own Lyman, go to Dr. Lyman's Home Page (Tom Koroknay) who is the world's expert on Lymans.  'Plenty of Lymans and Lyman parts for sale on Tom's page. Tom has the Lyman factory information and was from whom I received the production log which covered this boat.  By use of this log is I determined it really was a 1955, not 1956!!!

By the way, a huge thanks to my father for locating this Lyman, purchasing the boat, and allowing me to bring it to Dallas.

I apologize for the dust on the deck.

Check out the original, period fire extinguisher.

...and the luster of the varnish!  I stopped counting after 14 coats of varnish...

I always loved the anchor cut-out in the anchor locker hatch.

This is a temporary trailer.  The original 1955  trailer was simply too precarious for high speed Dallas area traffic.

Too bad the Lyman is dusty - the seats really shine!

And note the correct "Sand Tan" Sandusky Paint Company paint used on the floor.  I used correct Sandusky Paint Company finishes throughout the restoration.  The floorboards lift out for easy cleaning underneath. I found numerous 1950's dead fishing minnows hidden under the floorboards during the restoration. 

I took these picture very fast today (01-21-07) with no cleaning the boat at all. (Hey, nice tail light on this side - look - it's a "see through" lens).

Notice the oars in the above picture?  I much prefer a little antique outboard power.

What about the bow numbers ending in "EZ"???  It certainly was not an "EZ" restoration.

The Lyman rests peacefully on the 12,000 pound, four post, heavy duty automotive lift in my garage.  The Lyman only came out today, so I could perform a lube, oil and filter on Becky's car.

'Wish the floor was always this uncluttered.  I store a few other toys under the Lyman.

That's all for now.....oh, look a few other toys hidden away... more on those, soon!

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