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I thought you might enjoy a few wildlife pictures I have taken around my home.  ...We have all sorts of wildlife - you name it, we have it.  Sometimes, there seems to be too much wildlife, however I still enjoy it and that's all part of living in paradise!

Bobcat In My Front Yard

I came home from work and there it was!  I had seen it before, but not in one place long enough to grab my camera.

Once when working in the backyard, I looked up and it was watching me!

Maybe I was dinner?

The pictures are fuzzy, as I had to shoot into the sun from inside my house. Once again, I was able to get to my camera to snap some pictures - otherwise people just don't believe my stories.
I opened a can of StarKist Chunk Light Tuna (in water) tuna fish, but the big cat took off.  Maybe next time, I'll try cat food?  Maybe some Cat Nip?  Here kitty, kitty, kitty... Like the great hunter it is, it sprung off into the woods to stalk more prey.  If I only had some Cat Nip!

My Pet Deer.  Posted NO HUNTING!

A quick write-up regarding the deer:

1.) I have a lot of money invested in corn in their bellies!

2.) Thank you whoever invented the deer camera.

3.) Check-out the two bucks in the below picture.

4.) Poachers live nearby and illegally shot and killed a buck last year.  Unfortunately, the buck made it back to my game preserve and died.  The pictures are not pretty and Texas Parks & Wildlife is on the look out for you!


How about the picture to the right?  Four deer in one picture and three are bucks.  Check-out the size of the rack on the buck looking to the left down the path a ways.  Not bad.  No surprise I go through a lot of deer corn!

Remember, this is a secret location and never any hunting allowed!



The pictures below were taken December, 2007.  Check out the rack on this buck.  I guess all the corn I have been feeding the deer has paid off.






Did I mention no hunting???




We like having the deer camera take our picture, too!  

(You could possibly be a redneck if your family portrait is taken with a deer camera)

The corn I am feeding the kids also pays off.



Snakes - I prefer the poisonous ones dead and the good ones to live to help keep the rodents in line.

Eastern Yellowed Bellied Racer

Okay, so look how big this snake is!

It is the most curious snake I have ever seen.

Dead Copperhead

This Copperhead I chased into my garage. 'Hated to kill it.

Scorpions - Taste like chicken, sting like bees.  

Turtles-Always fun for the kids until a finger is snapped off

This big old Snapper hand caught by Brooke!  YIKES!

Now these little ones I could catch

The markings on this turtle were amazing

We found it in the woods looking for a spot to lay her eggs

Please note: All animals, when we catch, are always lovingly released to the wild again.

Praying Mantis

How's this for catching a bee flying with my camera? Not sure what this little frog or toad is, but it was bright green. 

Varmints (a.k.a. good eatin')

Skunks - I've had a real problem with Skunks....especially when I get downwind and sprayed while my kids are laughing safely from inside the house.

Due to the high likelihood of rabies, they must be trapped and dealt with by the animal control authorities.

A few additional wildlife pictures - I will label later

We've had a pair of Roadrunners.  BEEP BEEP!  Did you know they can actually fly for a short distance? 


Here is what happens when the tree trimmers arrive and don't know I have a deer camera

Okay, this guy found out and it's the funniest picture >>>>>>

These guys were a rough looking bunch, but did a good job with the tree trimming

Of course, they used my driveway for their equipment depot  
They left the keys in the chipper shedders. I recommend a tune-up on one of the three....two started, one did not.  Wow!  These machines are LOUD!

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