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Jeff's Cool Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (sold!!!)

New Arrival!!! 2008 Ford F450 King Ranch 4X4

Shelby GT500 Convertible

1985 M1009 4X4 Diesel

1970 Kaiser Jeep M818 6X6 5 ton semi tractor

1964 Amphicar - YES IT SWIMS!

Sea Ray 390 Express 

Sea Ray 390 Express Factory Model  

Kawasaki Ultra 250X Jet Ski now replaced by Ultra 300X!!!

1955 Lyman Home Page

Wildlife Around My Home 

Crazy Things I Have Seen While Driving

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Photo Album Page

Random Photos Which Might Not Be Worthy of a Unique Web Page 

(but cool none the less)

(okay, the cool is in my opinion)

(it's my web site!)


Simply click on one of the below albums to see many pictures.

On the index of each album is a link back to my home page.  From the home page, you can navigate back to this "photo album page" if you desire...and who wouldn't.

Okay, I did get cheap on you and did not include sound on the below albums...You get what you pay for on this web site!

  1. Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Pictures (February, 2003)

  2. John Deere Toast (August, 2006)

  3. Ford Excursion on a trip to the Texas Gulf Coast (March, 2007)

  4. Let's Go Fishing!  Honda Car Fishing! Let's Go Fishing!  Honda Car Fishing! (September, 2007)

  5. Let's Go Fishing! This time Jeep Fishing! (June, 2008)

  6. Van Fishing (October, 2008)

  1. The Guard Bobcat (October, 2009)

  2. Ford Excursion trip to Padre Island National Seashore (March, 2009)

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