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1970 Kaiser Jeep M818 6X6 5 ton semi tractor

1964 Amphicar - YES IT SWIMS!

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Sea Ray 390 Express Factory Model  

Kawasaki Ultra 250X Jet Ski now replaced by Ultra 300X!!!

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Favorite Links to Other Sites

Steve's Favorite Links

I have so many favorite links, I should post all my bookmarks here.  However, to begin with, below are a few of my most often used web sites.  Enjoy.

(...and who caught the five short blasts when the web site opened?  Anyone?   Anyone?  Okay, they were long blasts, but long just sounded better than short.  Anyone?)

The International Amphicar Owners Club (IAOC) - Whatever you want to know about Amphicars is here.  Also, links to other Amphicar sites and classified ads.


Weather - The best weather site out there.  Only $5.00 per year for added benefits.


NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - Get the weather right from the source.


Craigslist - A no nonsense classified listing specific to cities.  The URL to the Dallas Craigs list here.  You may navigate to classified ads for other cities from the main Dallas page.  It's a great way to sell or buy something.


Ebay - Now who has not heard of Ebay?  It's amazing, especially if you are hunting for something very specific.


Cargo - These guys, Countryman & McDaniel, a cargo casualty law firm in L.A, CA have the most unbelievable, detailed web site devoted to cargo loss and marine and air casualties.  If you like looking transport related tragedies, as I do, then check this site out!  Also, links to seemingly every possible transport related web camera in the world.  How did they ever compile all of this???  Bravo Cargo Law guys!  Great work!  This is possibly my all time favorite web site!


44 - The best site ever for the time proven Unites States Coast Guard 44' self-righting Motor Life Boats... possibly the only site in the world with such an extensive database of the 44 MLB's.  I am on a quest for a 44' the right price, of course.... too bad 44344 from my home town was donated to some foreign country, as many 44's were.  Check out how detailed this site is and the almost complete listing of every 44 MLB produced.  Look for the pictures I have submitted.  Clive, the author, is a great guy and has truly dedicate a huge amount of time to the preservation of the mighty 44 MLB's!  Long live the 44's!  My personal thanks to Clive for helping in my quest for a 44.  


Boat - If you enjoy Great Lakes shipping as I do, then this is the mother of all web sites.  This web site has it all - videos, sounds, pictures, nearly real time locations of Great Lakes ship traffic, launching of the new USCG ice breaker Mackinaw (just have to love it sliding down the ways), and on and on.  Win trips on Great Lake freighter, buy stuff...just go to this site! - Click on the videos once you get to this web site. Not for the faint of heart.  Not appropriate for children in certain sections, however there are some of the most off-the-wall, insane videos ever on this site.  Okay, just don't let your kids see this site.  This site makes me laugh time and time again.  I'll bet you can't watch just one video.  Did I mention, not for children?


You - You can see hundreds of videos of almost any subject you can think of.  Just use the search box to search for videos.  Search "rough seas" or "GT500 Shelby" for some wild video clips submitted by anyone.  How about "Lake Lewisville Jet Ski" and watch what fun we have in the Summer.


Roadside - Looking for unique and off-the-wall tourist attractions?  Why see the normal attractions everyone views year after year?  Check-out this web site.  Sorted by State and City, it's easy to find unique oddities in your area.  Gramma will love it!  A two thumbs up by Steve and Becky!


Texas Muscle - A nicely done web site with high quality 1960's and 1970's muscle cars for sale.  Some cars new; some cars older, but all very interesting.  The great aspect is that this place is close to where I live.  I have no affiliation with this person or business, I simply like their cars.  If you need for me to run to McKinney and provide a detailed, critical look at a particular car, I will be happy to do so. I'll take pictures, too.  Free for friends; others a slight charge.  First rate muscle cars!  'Makes me itch for one...


Marble - Randy Marble is a guy in the Dallas / Fort Worth area who, in all his free time, restores early Japanese motorcycles.  "Early" meaning late 1960's and 1970's.  He does fantastic work and I don't hold it against him that he favors Hondas.  He has restored a few early Kawasaki's, so that redeems him.  If you are interested in these motorcycles, as am I, then get in touch with Randy. Everything he touches turns out to be of the highest quality.  Even his web site has a great look and feel to it.  He always has bike for sale and continues to post pictures of previous restorations.  The Kawasaki Bighorn 350 Randy restored was museum quality.


Racing - The world's largest marketplace for everything gear head related.  Mostly racing related, however there are cars, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, etc., listed.


Steel - The premiere marketplace for former military vehicles, parts, and knowledge.  This is a great place to learn, if you catch OD Fever (Olive Drab Fever).


Dr. Lyman - The world's expert on Lyman "clinker built" boats.


Sea Ray Boats - The world's best production boat for your dollar. - Local Dallas TV Channel 8 news (ABC) - Local Dallas TV Channel 5 news (NBC)


Fox 4 - Local Dallas TV Channel 4 news (Fox)


CBS - Local Dallas TV Channel 11 news (CBS) - the news I watch


Netflix - For those of us living far away from a video store, this is the way to rent DVD's.  Delivered right to your mailbox.  Doesn't get much easier than this!


Kawasaki Ultra 250X  Get all the details right here.  Note the words, "most" and "most" in the literature.  Oh, yes, "stunning", too.


City of Lewisville in Jail Photos - Well, you never know when my boating friends may end-up in the local gray bar hotel.  This is real time and the folks never look happy.  Check back often, as new guest arrive daily.


Bing - Much more detailed aerial maps than Google Maps, in my opinion.  Give it a try and make sure to use the "aerial" (not "road") and then "birds eye" views.


Many, many more links on the way to be posted soon!  Stay tuned!

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