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Strange Happenings Around the Highways of North Texas (and Lakes, too)

Cattle-Lac of Aubrey, Texas

Bumpers for horns, hubcaps for eyes, and a parking meter for who knows what.  You got to love it!

"MOOOO"ve over, I'm cowin' through.

Slip and Slide, Texas Style
Ice storms are fun.  Even in North Texas, we get ice, snow, and all that fun stuff.  Our temperatures can swing over 50 degrees in 24 hours.  Fortunately, we don't receive slippery weather it too often; maybe a couple of days per year... However, when we do get the frozen stuff, then fun gets going.  

I took these pictures one morning on my way to work.  No, that's not white sand on the roads - it is a finely polished glaze of ice.  Oh what fun the two wheel drive vehicles were having.  Yep, that's three of them in the ditch in this picture.

This picture was taken from the same location, just looking north.  Oh, look what we have here...a knucklehead headed around the corner, down the hill, as if there were no problems at all... Hello!  Earth to brakes...come in please.

Note to self: Do not drive a two wheel drive dually in the ice.  Second note to self:  Hay will not help you get out of the ditch, although we will give this driver an "A" for effort.

Third note to self: Hay under front tires of a two wheel drive pick-up??

...oh look, there is another one off in the ditch...this time a Chevy.

Final note: The wrecker operators make a killing when it's slippery!

There is just something fun about watching people in the ditch, as long as it's not me!

Here is a picture of the road conditions when I was returning home.  Note: Sheer glaze of ice.  No problem-O for the 4X4 Excursion, with posi-trac rear end-O.
Car BBQ at the Grocery Store
Okay, this goes down as one of my all time favorites.

Lesson learned: Here is why I always, without exception, park far away from everyone.  Call me weird; I call it exercise.

These pictures were taken from where I parked my car.

As I was walking out of Albertson's (a local grocery food chain), I noticed  people congregating at the entrance to the store.  I thought they were looking at a lady who was holding a new born baby....but no, they were looking smoke billowing from a car (no flames at this time).  I asked the kid standing next to me if he knew who's car it was, and he answered, "it's mine!".  He was not a happy camper.
I then proceeded to my car, unloaded my groceries, and grabbed my camera.  A hot time in the parking lot tonight!  As you can see, the Frisco Fire Department arrived and did a fine job extinguishing the fire.  Too bad for the three cars parked next to the toasted one - those three got charred, too.

Lesson: Park far away!

Ahh, the smell of burning rubber, plastic, and interior parts.

Did I mention, park far away?

The Fish Van
Okay, I call this one the "Fish Van".  Hey, these folks put a lot of work into this!

I have no connection, but their web site and company is here:

It's not every day you're cruisin' down the Tollway and you see a Fish Van.

Note: spotlight on Police Interceptor.  ...and, this is the super rare, optional, passenger side spotlight.  Ready for action!

I believe a little rubbing compound and some wax will take that mess right out.
You do have to admit, they got it all on there.  Check out the dock across the rear bumper area.  SWEET!

Too bad, they could not afford hubcaps.


The Lonely, Lonely Edsel



How often do you see an Edsel as the only car in the show room?

..And, this was a Ford dealer, too.  Yes, the only car anywhere to be found.  Maybe they are still waiting to sell it?  tick, tock....tick, tock... anyone?? anyone??

The Day We Shrunk

Okay, we could not resist!


How about crazy boating pictures?



You this one had to hurt.  Darn, it's a Sea Ray, too.  ...and, this happened in a no-wake zone, just off one of our local marinas.

I've these my pictures all over the internet, however I can assure you I am the one that took these pictures, as it was just after launching the 390 after it's bottom job - and there was this 30' Sea Ray, high and dry.

Rather humorous with the Porta-Potti in the background. I guess when you gotta' go....

Another view as I passed by.  'Not much water floating this Sea Ray.  Good thing the fender is deployed, just in case a land yacht wants to tie-up.
Ouch.  There goes the starboard prop, shaft, rudder, strut, cutlass bearing - you name it.  Most likely the port running gear is messed-up, too.

Okay, that's all for now.  Much, much more later!

And even more crazy boating pictures in the future!

Looking for unusual tourist attractions?  Check this web site out:

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